Professional Overview

Bright Road Wealth Management is your personal financial advocate.

We are proud to be an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor(RIA). As such, we are happy to say we receive no commissions, revenue sharing, or fee trails from any investment products we recommend. Further, we are legally a fiduciary to all our clients, which requires us to act in your best interest. We believe this is the only way to do business. At Bright Road Wealth we provide:

Client Focused Financial Planning
Experienced Investment Advice
Investment Philosophy Backed by Science
Educated and Credentialed Advisors
Cutting Edge Client Technology

Bright Road Wealth Management
Bright Road Wealth Management
“Have fun and don’t be an ass” is the unofficial motto of Bright Road Wealth Management. Jen, Brian, Matt, and Jayson are here to help you reach your financial goals. Bright Road is one of the few fiduciary financial advisors in Alaska, meaning they are legally required to put the interests of their clients first (which is how they prefer to operate, anyways). The Bright Road team has backgrounds in law, architecture, and engineering, which means the common thread is that they all share a passion for finance. They take issue with the fear, greed, and sensationalism that many of the bigger financial institutions sell. “There are emotions behind finances,” says Brian. Often people get stuck in the day-to-day changes in the market, causing impulsive actions. “We believe success is a trajectory. We’re here to help clients set goals and get down to the ‘why’ of it all.” They choose to focus not on what they can’t control (the markets, the news, the hype) but on what they can (spending, saving, strategizing). Brian, Matt, Jen, and Jayson are always ready to hop on the phone with their clients to field questions and strategize. Bright Road has clients all over the world and is happy to continue to bring secure planning to those who are ready to start looking forward.

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