A shared office environment for professionals who serve every category of need for business owners in Alaska. 

In one location – businesses are now able to consult with a business attorney, explore financial or personal planning, discuss their long term business goals, and potentially find their next employee. Take a look at our roster of professionals and see where you might find help today at The Eureka Space!


Local Business Owners Collaborating
in a Modern, Creative, and Efficient Environment.

The Eureka Space was created with local business owners in mind.  One location for all of your business needs in a modern, creative, open, and welcoming environment.  Don’t rely solely on social media, referrals, or word of mouth when searching for vendors. Come see for yourself! 


Build an Environment Dedicated to the Success of Local Alaskan Businesses.

Our vision starts with you.  The team of independent professionals at The Eureka Space can work together to effectively put you and your business on the path to success beyond your greatest expectations.  Our members are dedicated to supporting your mission and to helping you achieve your goals.


Empowering Professionals to Work Together in Growing Alaska’s Economy.

The mission of the Eureka Space is to empower our professionals and their businesses to collaborate and grow while assisting Alaskan businesses in achieving their dreams.  Our deep rooted passion for business and independence drives our mission to ensure others reach those dreams and goals.