The goal of The Eureka Space is to be ready and willing when you decide it’s the right time to plant that seed, start that business, and begin the process of working for yourself to achieve your dreams!  No longer is the task of finding a reputable attorney, marketing agent, website developer, consultant, or CPA a daunting task. The team at The Eureka Space consists of independent professionals with decades of experience in their own fields who are ready and willing to help solve your unique problem in an efficient, cost-effective, and convenient manner.

For example, if you’re in the idea, startup, or growth phase but are avoiding new legal help – as you attempt to do it alone – maybe a discussion with Andrew Mitton, an attorney with Vellum LLC, might be in order. Andrew is a local Alaskan attorney with almost 25 years of experience helping Alaska small businesses with their legal needs. Andrew started Vellum LLC to be the legal department for small business owners in Alaska helping them with all of their legal needs from start to finish for a flat monthly fee with a two-year commitment. Large companies have legal departments where you can walk down the hall and ask legal questions, get contracts reviewed or drafted, get an employee handbook, get help on resolving disputes short of litigation. Unfortunately, small businesses aren’t large enough to justify the cost of a full-time attorney. That’s where Vellum LLC comes in. Vellum LLC serves as the legal department for hundreds of small businesses all over Alaska.
Vellum LLC is here at the Eureka Space for you. Bringing the services of a legal department to Alaska’s small businesses is an idea that fits well with our mission at The Eureka Space. Vellum LLC is just one of many members available at The Eureka Space to help you take your business to new heights in 2021 and beyond.