2020 in Anchorage has been a year like no other, filled with a pandemic, a lost tourist season, an economy in ruins and a political season not seen in generations. At this point we are all faced with our own choices about how we can not only come out of this alive, but unscathed and healthier than ever.  Physically, mentally, and financially planning to succeed through these difficult times has been tumultuous and oftentimes stomach churning.  Small businesses are crumbling, restaurants are closing, and an entire season has been lost to tourism employees and operators that count on those from outside exploring our great state during the beautiful summer months.  2020 has not been an easy year personally or in business.  As we stand now many of us are working from home as we teach, clean, cook, and Zoom in our pajamas!  I don’t know about you, but I need a change, stat!


In order to overcome these hardships and to soar past our previous baseline – Anchorage is going to need a new way of thinking, a new energy, passion, and drive for success.  The most difficult of roads often leads to the most beautiful of destinations.  Beginning in March, 2021 – Anchorage is set to see the opening of a new model of business collaboration, service, support, and development that will help to drive that growth through the 2020’s and beyond.  The Eureka space will be located at 405 W 36th Avenue, on the corner of 36th and (you guessed it) Eureka right in midtown Anchorage.

The Eureka Space is the brainchild of longtime business attorney Andrew Mitton (Vellum LLC), who, alongside partner Robyn Forbes (Former Owner – Shred Alaska, Inc. and The Propane Guys) has worked to build the best roster of professionals available and to accommodate them all under one roof, at the newly renovated Eureka Space.  The goal of our partnership, team, and business is to provide an open, modern, welcoming, and effective environment where local businesses can utilize any of a broad range of services offered by longtime, vetted, and reliable local sources right here under one roof.  We’ve moved past the days of the yellow pages, google searches, and referrals of friends alone.  Our collaborative environment will provide ease of access for business owners to attorneys, consultants, insurance providers, marketing professionals, finance, and accounting services all of whom know and work with each other well.  This will help to provide a level of access and familiarity that is not found in any other office location.

Planning for an opening date of March, 1st 2021 – The Eureka Space is ready to welcome you in for an experience in business support that isn’t found anywhere else.  Our unique approach to business service is born out of a passion for successful local businesses and the wealth, health, and happiness they provide to so many in our community.  The best of every support industry, all under one roof to support your business.

Please get to know us by visiting our website (www.theeurekapace.com/professionals/) to learn more about our team of professionals and their business and how we will help you to grow and succeed beyond your wildest dreams in 2021 and beyond.