When you are first contemplating starting up your own business there are a multitude of things that should be running through your mind.

  • What is my plan and can I realistically execute on it?
  • What are the financial implications of the decision to leave my job and start this new business?
  • Do I have the proper experience and network in place to give this new venture a shot at success?
  • Am I personally cut out for being an entrepreneur and business owner?

Depending on the answers to all of these questions you are now faced with the decision of a lifetime that could help either jumpstart your future in business or keep you out of the ring, for now.

Whether you decide to move forward and start your new business or determine that at least for now it is not in the cards, The Eureka Space is here to help.

Our goal at the Eureka Space is to be here, ready and willing when you decide that it IS the right time to plant that seed, start that business, and begin the process of working for yourself to achieve your dreams!  No longer is the task of finding a reputable attorney, marketing agent, website developer, consultant, or CPA a daunting task.  The team at The Eureka Space consists of independent professionals with decades of experience in their own fields who are ready and willing to help solve your unique problem in an efficient, cost effective, and convenient manner.

If you are in the idea phase but are avoiding new technology as you attempt to do it alone or are afraid of the financial and personal commitment – maybe a discussion with Robyn Forbes (Fat Tire Consulting, www.fattireconsulting.com) might be in order.  Robyn is a local Alaskan with over 20 years of small business operations and ownership experience.  Fat Tire Consulting is Robyn’s next adventure in business and his aim is to help you overcome the pinch points that kill most businesses before they even begin.  His passion, drive, experience, and leadership will help to hold you accountable as you venture down the road of business, and life.  Whether you have a new business or project, need to expand your current line of services, are looking for partnerships or finance options Robyn is here to help.

“In order to get through this difficult time in our economy we are going to have to think differently and solve problems that previously could go unattended,” says Forbes, “And to do so we have to be willing to work together, find efficiency, and to help each other in collaboration as our economy grows and prospers into 2021 and beyond.  The old way of doing things is no longer working for Alaskans and their business.”   “When you can work with someone who you know has been in the trenches, right where you are standing now, and is willing to jump back in again for, and with you – that’s something special.  That’s exactly what I offer to all of my clients here at Fat Tire Consulting, in the Eureka Space.  To work alongside you as if your business were my business.”

Taking a comprehensive review, utilizing ongoing follow ups and in person discussions combined with a collaborative approach to finding the right team of professionals to meet your needs, Fat Tire Consulting is just one of many solutions available at the Eureka Space to help take your business to new heights in 2021 and beyond!  Come see what we are all about.