Professional Overview

We eliminate the E and the A because we’re not a ‘realty’ or a ‘real estate’ company … we’re a marketing agency for business about it.

If you own it, sell it, buy it, use it, lease it, develop it, build it

… or …

design it, foundation it, frame it, roof it, glass it, plumb it, wire it, heat it, paint it, floor it, light it, finish it, furnish it, secure it, pave it, fence it, landscape it, change it, fix it, inspect it, mow it, plow it, title it, insure it

… so you can …

work in it, play in it, and live in it

… then we are your kind of people.

We stand behind owners that respect the science of their craft. We study it, modernize it, and showcase it. We plan it, produce it, and promote it. We script it, film it, and photo it. We digitize it, analyze it, and professionalize it. 

RLTY is your brand ambassador. Our science is media + marketing.

Adam Holzer
Adam HolzerOwner / RLTY