Business After Hours @ the Eureka Space

Date & Time Thursday, May 19, 2022 5pm - 7pm Fees & Admission General - $20 FREE for Anchorage Chamber Members Location 405 W.36th Ave 2nd fl Anchorage, AK 99503 Company Website theeureka.space Contact Info Andrew Mitton - or- Robyn Forbes send [...]

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Questions to Ask Before Starting an Alaska Business

When you are first contemplating starting up your own business there are a multitude of things that should be running through your mind. What is my plan and can I realistically execute on it? What are the financial implications of the decision to leave my job and start this new business? Do I have the proper [...]

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Our Goal for the Eureka Space

The goal of The Eureka Space is to be ready and willing when you decide it’s the right time to plant that seed, start that business, and begin the process of working for yourself to achieve your dreams!  No longer is the task of finding a reputable attorney, marketing agent, website developer, consultant, or CPA [...]

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